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The following walkthrough to Lost Memory was kindly provided by the author of the game, Marc Baldwin.

Click on the bin

Click on the pieces of paper to lift them up and see the watch

Pick up the watch

Click on the motherboard in the bottom right corner (small grey circle) to pick up a battery

Click on the battery in the inventory and click on the watch to place it in the watch

This allows you to see more of the screen

Click on the desk shelf on the right to and pick up the 7 button

Click on the clock above the desk and get the 3 button

Click under the desk to zoom in, the click on the side of the desk again to see behind it and pick up the 5 button

Click on the bottom draw to get the 2 button and a sheet of paper

Click just under the bottom draw to see under the desk and get the 4 button

Click left to go to the room with the window

Click on the pot, then click behind the pot to get the keys

Click on the shelf, the click on the black book to get the code breaker

Click on the pipe above the window, then get a paid of pliers

Click on the string by the blinds to pull them down

Press the button next to the blinds to twist them,

Click the blinds to zoom in and see a small bit of writing on the bottom line 25813746

This is the sequence to unlock the safe, needed later

Click the left wall to move to the next wall

Click the top of the shelf where the bottles are and collect button 1

Click left again to move along the wall and then click on the vent

Use the pliers to pick up button 8 from the vent

Click to the left to move to the chair, and pick up the last button, in the corner of the room behind the chair

Move left and click the coat pocket to get the sat nav

Click the keypad and note “floor 2”

Move left and click the phone and note down the phone number “555-484608”

You can now use the sheet of paper with phone numbers on to work out that your in room 4!

Move back to the view with the shelfing unit and the safe. Place all the buttons on the safe in the order found on the blinds

Use the key to unlock the safe and get the document

Click on the boxes to get the telescope

With the telescope in hand click on the window to see a star constellation (orion)

Move back to the view with the desk and click on the computer screen

Press the button on the screen to turn it on

Click the document and then the code breaker to crack the username, part 1 is the opposite sides of a rubix cube, so orange, the 2nd part is the first number plus the second, and so on so the number is 55, 3rd part is the star constellation so orion, 4th part is signs, as found using the code breaker, so username is orange55orionsigns

Password is mums postcode so using satnav go to favourites and see mums postcode

bh232lp. You can then log in and see a list of door keys

You know your on floor 2 and in room 4 so you can get the door key for this room and escape!

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A complete walkthrough to Lost Memory; created by the game's author Marc Baldwin.

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